Bladkali TS

Potassium is essential in crops for:

  • water and nutrient uptake
  • regulating water and nutrient transport within the plant
  • formation of enzymes
  • coping with abiotic stress – drought etc

Potash is generally applied to the seedbed but is not required in large amounts until the crop is actively growing, usually months later on. Potash applied as a solid, salt-based fertiliser (e.g. muriate of potash and sulphate of potash) is highly soluble and might not be retained by the clay-humus complex. Once in solution, the potash salts can cause damage to the seed (by drawing out water), damage to the microbiome and damage to the structural integrity of clay particles.

Bladkali TS is a foliar fertiliser (0-0-25 & 42% SO3) that is crop (and soil) safe that can be applied tank-mixed with a spray programme – this means that the potash is targeted directly to the plant exactly when it needs it most.

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